Portfolio List

As of April 15, 2024
Property number
Property name
Acquisition price
(million yen)
(Note 1)
Appraisal value
(million yen)
(Note 2)
Appraisal NOI yield
(Note 3)
Investment ratio
(Note 4)
Office buildings subtotal (total of 10 properties) 58,484 61,600 3.9 60.6
Core asset group (total of 7 property) 37,963 39,090 4.2 39.4
Portfolio total (total of 17 properties) 96,447 100,690 4.0 100.0
  • “Acquisition price” is the sale and purchase price of real estate and each trust beneficiary right stated in each sale and purchase agreement for asset acquisition rounded down to the nearest million yen. The sale and purchase prices do not include consumption tax, local consumption tax and the various expenses required for the acquisition.
  • “Appraisal value” is the appraisal value stated in each real estate appraisal report as of February 1, 2024 or February 29, 2024. The appraisal of each Acquired Asset is entrusted to Japan Real Estate Institute, The Tanizawa Sōgō Appraisal Co., Ltd. and Daiwa Real Estate Appraisal Co., Ltd.
  • “Appraisal NOI yield” is the net operating income measured by the direct capitalization method that is stated in a real estate appraisal report described in (Note 2), and noted as a percentage of the acquisition price, rounded to one decimal place. The subtotal (average) figures and total (average) figures are the weighted average based on the acquisition price.
  • “Investment ratio” is the proportion of the acquisition price of each asset to the sum total amount of acquisition prices, rounded to one decimal place.